• One of the most experienced beauty brand established for more than 50 years in Taiwan.
  • NO.1 beauty brand in the dealership chain in Taiwan.
  • Developed and utilized patented Harvard NB advanced technology.
  • NB-1 extract won the Taiwan 2023 Best Product Awards.


  • Start Up Cost
  • Management Cost
  • Beauty Machine Maintenance Cost

FREE beauty products worth up to RM100,000*

FREE travel credits

Accumulated credits rebate

Potential customer lead - marketing resources

Dongsen Natural Beauty Counterattack Exhibition Store, with 333 stores, ranks first in Taiwan and ranks first in the beauty industry

Eastern Natural Beauty won three of the Asia-Pacific Health Biotech Awards.
Dongsen President Wang Linglin (right) attended the award in person and was presented by Wang Xiaoci (left), chairman of the Taipei Biotechnology Services Business Association, which hosted the event.

Number One In The Industry

Dongsen Natural Beauty Director Liao Shangwen (right) and store chief operating officer Lin Fengcheng are very confident that they will remain the number one in the industry in terms of future

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