Experience the Success: BIO UP by Natural Beauty Reaches 2.4 Billion in Sales, Brings Exclusive Live Show to Malaysia!”

BIO UP series has been on the market for less than two years and has already surpassed 240 million in sales in Taiwan, with a total sales volume of 520,000 bottles. Some products are even sold out, making them must-have skincare items highly discussed among the middle-income group in Taiwan. However, this trend of using patented cocktail formula in skincare has quietly spread to Malaysia. Natural Beauty has intensified its efforts with live broadcasts on their Malaysian fan page, particularly highlighting the patented cocktail formula BIO UP skincare series, which will sweep through Malaysia. On July 28th (Friday) at 8 p.m., tune in to the "Natural Beauty Malaysia Facebook fan page for an exclusive summer live broadcast. Join us to explore the secrets of sake skincare and snatch up special discounts!

Natural Beauty Malaysia collaborated with the local well-known shopping platform "My Bao Dan" in mid-July received an enthusiastic response, attracting up to 80,000 online viewers and achieving a strong five-figure sales performance. Due to overwhelming response from the collaboration, the second "My Bao Dan" live broadcast is scheduled for August 16th (Wednesday) at 9 p.m., so stay tuned! This summer, let your skin evolve with Natural Beauty into a beautiful new realm.

With the inheritance of skincare expertise and the integration of cutting-edge research technology, BIO UP Science Beauty Research has created sake-based skincare products. BIO UP is an evolutionary skincare brand from the future, combining half a century of experience in skin crisis management from Natural Beauty with the scientific power of top global research institutions. With innovative biological extraction technology, the effectiveness of each ingredient is significantly enhanced, creating highly efficient and safe intelligent skincare products. The BIO UP research team has fully tapped into the trend of sake skincare that has been popular in Japan and Taiwan, where sake kasu refer to the residue produced during sake brewing. Natural Beauty led consumers to Japan, the country of sake, and found the core ingredients for upgrading skin condition at the historic 80-year-old sake brewery, Nakano BC. Through advanced biotechnological extraction techniques, traditional materials from Japan were refined, combining innovation with experience to maximize the power of fermentation. Each BIO UP product contains a patented cocktail formula with core ingredients such as Japanese Golden Yeast, Gold Class Sake Kasu from Wakayama, and (α-GG), which can penetrate deeply into the skin and effectively moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, activating its youthfulness.

Mark your calendars for the summer live broadcasts in Malaysia on July 28th (Friday) and August 16th (Wednesday)! KOL Lennard Tan and artist Mei Yan will share the charming features of the skincare. Natural Beauty will continue to invite local Malaysian artists to share their personal experiences with Natural Beauty skincare products online. Stay tuned for a special invitation on July 28th (Friday) at 8 p.m., where KOL Lennard Tan will share his product experiences with fans face-to-face on the Facebook fan page. Not only that, on August 16th (Wednesday) at 9 p.m., artist Mei Yan will join the discussion on skincare. The live broadcast will provide rich knowledge and practical skincare information from the "My Bao Dan" live broadcast, along with the most anticipated promotional activities. If you've been confused about skincare products or looking for skincare solutions, don't miss this opportunity!

Natural Beauty's flagship product, BIO UP Ultimate Lift Regenerating Micro Treatment Essence," is an excellent choice for all women to embrace the beautiful summer. Following the success of the popular "Japanese Golden Yeast Fermented Rejuvenating Youth Essence," the upgraded Bio Up Lift Regenerating Micro Treatment Essence won the Best Product Award at the 19th National Brand Yushan Awards in Taiwan in 2022. This essence is praised as the national version of the elixir. It contains an exclusive cocktail formula that combines Gold Class Sake Kasu from Wakayama and Double Floral Factor. Fans have praised it for its texture, feeling, and effects: "It's like a department store product," and "I've repurchased several bottles." No wonder it's the top choice for middle-income men and women, as well as KOLs, in anti-aging skincare! Additionally, several hot-selling products will be recommended during the live broadcast, including the highly praised "Patented Cocktail Formula," which contains plenty of collagen, and the refreshing anti-aging star product "Ultimate Revitalizing Multi-Function Wrinkle Cream." With just one application, it replenishes the skin's moisture and elasticity, giving it a youthful and vibrant appearance.

As long as the skin is sufficiently hydrated and plump, it looks especially fair, bright, and youthful without fine lines caused by dryness. Experience the power of sake skincare by tuning in to the fan page live broadcast on July 28th (Friday) at 8 p.m. and the "My Bao Dan" live broadcast on August 16th (Wednesday) at 9 p.m. Join us on the summer journey to beautiful skin with Natural Beauty's BIO UP science beauty research skincare products! This is an excellent opportunity to evolve together with your skin, fight against skin problems, and regain high-quality skin!



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