NATURAL BEAUTY,一个以植物提取物为基础的护肤品牌,为您的肌肤提供最纯粹的天然护理。经过 50 多年的研发,该品牌赢得了数百万满意消费者的信任和可靠性。在临床案例研究的支持下,我们的品牌为各种皮肤问题提供有效的解决方案,使我们在护肤行业中脱颖而出

BIO UP 花妍微分子速酵青春露

和歌山的黄金级清酒 Kasu

BIO UP 日本黄金麴新生奇蹟精萃

采用 Myrothamnus Flabellifolia 配制而成,

BIO UP 超进化钻白淡斑精萃乳

含有 Cystoseira Tamariscifolia 提取物,

BIO UP 极光淨白淡斑安瓶

含有日本黄金酵母和来自日本和歌山的 Kasu 清酒。

BIO UP 极萃赋活全能抚纹霜

法国 7 倍集中修复力

BIO UP 玫瑰胶原超防护粉底精萃SPF50+★★★


BIO UP 日本黄金麴酒粕微脂面膜


In recent years, the beauty industry has witnessed a remarkable
shift as more consumers turn their attention towards clean beauty
products. What was once a niche market has transformed into a
global phenomenon, captivating the hearts of beauty enthusiasts

and ordinary consumers alike.

Clean beauty is a holistic approach to personal care that prioritizes
transparency, safety, and sustainability. At its core, clean beauty
embraces products that are free from potentially harmful ingredients
such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. It
emphasizes natural, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients,
alongside environmentally friendly manufacturing and packaging
practices. Clean beauty brands aim to bridge the gap between
health and beauty, offering products that nourish the skin without

compromising overall well-being.



NATURAL BEAUTY, a skincare brand founded on plant extracts,
offering the purest natural care for your skin. With over 50 years of
research and development, the brand has earned trust and reliability
among millions of satisfied consumers. Backed by clinical case
studies, our brand offers effective solutions for various skin concerns,

setting us apart in the skincare industry.


BIO UP Ultimate Lift Regenerating
Micro Treatment Essence

Patented formula α-GG Japanese Golden Yeast,
Gold Class Sake Kasu from Wakayama.
Provide nourishment to the skin and
achieving a radiant complexion.


BIO UP Golden Yeast
Radiance Firming Serum

Formulated with Myrothamnus Flabellifolia,
a precious plant grown in South Africa
highlands to enhance skin firmness and

facilitating skin repair.


BIO UP Ultimate Whitening
Emulsion Lotion

Contains Cystoseira Tamariscifolia Extract,
Poeny Roots, Arbutin, Glutathione and other
herbal extracts to brighten skin and prevent

signs of aging.


Concentrated Brightening Essence

Contains Japanese Golden Yeast and
Sake Kasu from Wakayama in Japan. To
rejuvenate dull skin allow skin to glow

from inside out.


BIO UP Age-Delay
Ultimate Essence Cream

7x concentrated repair power with French
Baccarat Black Roses to reduce fine lines

and wrinkles.


BIO UP Rosa Damascena Intensive
Serum Foundation SPF50 +++

Contains botanical ingredients (Precious Rosa
Damascena Flower extract and multi collagen
complex). To conceal imperfection and stay

nourish while wearing makeup!


BIO UP α-GG Skin Activating
Golden Yeast Liposome Mask

Contains of 99% active yeast and 971 types of
beauty ingredients to hydrate and nourish
your skin for a healthy and radiant glow!


BIO UP α-GG Volumizing Shampoo

Enriched with herbal extracts and Japanese

Golden Yeast Patented Formula.

It leaves your hair fluffy, healthy and volumized.




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