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Natural Beauty is a Taiwan-based skincare and beauty brand, known for its biotechnology natural skincare line. It is also a leading multinational beauty company.

Founded by Dr. Yanping Cai in 1972, Natural Beauty combines its practice and business philosophy of ‘Nature is Beauty’, it set foot and built a solid foundation in Taiwan with its products sold worldwide. In 2002, under the Natural Beauty Biotechnology Co., Ltd., it was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main Board. In 2018, Taiwan’s Eastern Multimedia Group bought over Natural Beauty, and the two joined forces to build a multi-million beauty empire that has set the benchmark for the global beauty and cosmetics industry.

Unveiling the story of Natural Beauty.

Natural Beauty

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Collaborate with Professional Medical Team

Through the collaborations between Natural Beauty and many international pioneer biomedical R&D teams from the United States and Europe for 40 years, we advocate the use of natural plant extracts, coupled with advanced biotechnology to develop skincare products suitable of Asian women. Among them is the Harvard NB Biotechnology SCT technology used in the NB-1 skincare series, which obtained a US patent in 2008. It delivers the secret of eternal youth to women. In 2021, our NB-1 Anti-wrinkle Series struck 1 Gold 1 Silver in Monde Selection 2022, an international & independent quality institute that evaluates worldwide consumer products. This serves as evidence for all to witness our outstanding and effective skincare products.

One-Stop Service for Skin

Natural Beauty product lines include salon-grade and over-the-counter skincare products, health supplements, and essential oils. It has more than 1,000 outlets of professional skin care center that offers a one-stop-services for conducting skin testing, monitoring, skincare services, and product offerings. At present, they are based in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast Asia. By leveraging the advantages of R&D, we can produce our products in-house. Our production plants are located in Shanghai and Taipei with a total of three factory plants and a biotechnology R&D centre. We have more than 2,500 employees and beauticians worldwide.


First Branch in Malaysia

Natural Beauty has set up its first operation unit in Malaysia (Natural Beauty Malaysia) where it is responsible for expanding the sales operations of skincare centres locally including direct retail and franchise outlets as well as skincare retail. It aims at bringing the most authentic over-the-counter experience to all Malaysians, with the hope that everyone can enjoy the luxury of healthy and perfect skin. The first Natural Beauty Malaysia Flagship Outlet was launched in August 2020 at The Boulevard, Mid Valley in Kuala Lumpur.

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